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InHerd General

I am not used to working with applications. Can I still use them properly?
The applications are designed in such a way that they are easy to use. Validation farmers who were not familiar with smartphones also quickly became accustomed to using them.
Where can I find more information about InHerd?
The website www.lelyt4c.com, Your Guide in T4C, the User Manual, via the 'Help' function in the tools.
What are the minimum requirements to start using Lely T4C InHerd?
Minimum requirements to run T4C InHerd:

1.) A farm PC with T4C 3.2.9 or higher, permanently connected to the internet.

2.) An android smartphone with:
• Operating System: Android 2.3.3
• Minimum Screen resolution: 480x800
• CPU speed: 1GHz
• RAM memory: 1GB
• Wireless connectivity: WiFi
• Bluetooth 2.0
• Storage: SD card (internal or external)
• Available free space: 10 MB per application
• A camera

An iOS smartphone with:
• Operating System: iOS 5.0
• CPU speed: 600Mhz
• Wireless connectivity: WiFi
• Bluetooth 2.0
• Available free space: 10 MB per application
• A camera

3.) A wireless router with:
• Wi-Fi internet access: according to 802.11 a/b/g/n standard.
• Connection speed (wired connection): minimum 54 Mbits.

• Connection to 3G / 4G network.
In the tools SystemToday, Today & HowTo there are default tasks. What are these tasks based on?
These are based on our twenty years of experience and best practices from all over the world.
Is InHerd only helpful for larger farms?
No. All tools are helpful for both small and large farms.
Can I use InHerd only in the barn?
No. You can use it any time & anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.
What is the added value of InHerd next to T4C?
Flexibility, task support, higher efficiency, better care for cows. Check, Act and Improve.
How can I prevent my phone from getting damaged or dirty when working in the barn?
Attach a bungee cord to your coverall or use a key cord.
Why does InHerd consist of 8 separate tools?
To provide you with suitable tools for your farm, and in this way Lely is more flexible in updating information and adding tools.
Do I still need T4C on the PC?
Yes. T4C InHerd is the mobile evolution of your T4C. T4C Desktop is needed, because it contains the important T4C settings which are used for InHerd.
Can I use InHerd on all T4C versions?
No. T4C version or higher needs to be installed.
In which languages is InHerd available?
Because of the roll-out InHerd is currently available in Dutch, German, French and English. Other languages will be added following the roll-out.
Which tools are visible in the menu?
Only the tools which are downloaded are visible in the menu.

Cost & Purchase

Why can’t I find the tools in the 'App Store' or the 'Play Store'?
Your device does not meet the required specifications.
Are there any costs involved in using the tools?
Yes, the tools must be purchased. Please consult www.lelyt4c.com/inherd for all details.
Why do I have to pay for these tools when I am already paying for T4C?
T4C is a management system that is required to work with the Lely Astronaut milking robot (and Lely Vector automatic feeding system). InHerd is a separately developed mobile operational toolbox, that is offered as an additional option.
How do I pay for the tools?
You pay via iTunes or Google Play. Please consult www.lelyt4c.com/inherd for all details.
I want to stop using a tool. When does payment stop?
Your subscription can be ended each month (for each separate tool). E.g. if you subscribe on the 2nd of February you will have to pay until the end of February.
How long after downloading can I start using the product?
After downloading the tools and scanning the QR code in T4C you will be able to use the tool immediately.
I do not have a credit card and I am not familiar with a 'gift'. What can I do?
Without a credit card or gift card it is currently not possible to purchase the tools.
Is there a combined price if I want to use all tools?
No, there is not. We believe that every customer will choose his / her own combination of tools.
How can trainees / temporary workers work with InHerd?
They will have to use a mobile device and will need to activate the tools.
Can I try the tools without any obligation?
Yes. With the demo version you can learn how the tools work for free, and if you want to use your T4C farm data you have a three-month free trial period per tool.


Is it possible to update multiple tools at the same time?
Yes, the downloads can run simultaneously but installations will be performed one at a time.
Is the QR code safe?
The QR code is generated based on the T4C licence key, which is unique for every farm.
Can I connect to multiple servers?
No, the tools can only be connected to one server at a time.
Do I need to repeat the ‘How to connect’ steps for every tool?
No, the QR code information will be saved on your device and used by all the other Lely tools. You do need to enter the username and password once for every tool.
I can’t find the QR-License page on my T4C desktop-screen
In order to be able to scan the QR-License code the T4C version of your T4C Desktop must be or higher.

You can check your T4C version at the login screen of T4C.

If you do not have a T4C version or higher it can be that Lely T4C InHerd is not yet available in your country.

In order to guarantee a smooth introduction and to provide you with optimal support Lely T4C InHerd will be rolled out according to the planning shown below.

September 2013: Germany and The Netherlands
October 2013: France
November 2013: Belgium 
February 2014: Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic and Suisse
March 2014: Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and the UK
April 2014: Austria
May 2014: Other countries
June 2014: USA and Canada
August 2014: Russia

Please contact your Lely Center if T4C InHerd is available in your country but your T4C version is older than

Mobile device & Network

Can I use my personal T4C data in the demo version?
No. The demo uses static data and changes will not be saved.
I want to use my personal T4C data instead of the demo version. How can I change this?
1. Please go to the login page of T4C InHerd. 2. Click on the ‘i’ icon in the upper right corner.
Do I need to install all 8 InHerd tools?
No. This depends on your own preferences and needs. Each tool contributes to the ability to check, act and improve your Cow and Herd performance.
My smartphone indicates that the memory is full. How can I make more space available on my device?
When you want to make more space available on your mobile device you can clear the cache (temporary files). For Android: Menu > Settings > Applications > Memory use. Here select the application and press 'Clear cache'. For Apple: Settings > General > Usag
My device does not meet the operating system version requirements. How can I check if my device has the latest operating system version?
Android: Menu > Settings > About phone > Software update > Check for update. Apple: Settings > General > Software update.
On which smartphones can I use the tools?
The tools can be downloaded on both Android (Google’s Android) and iPhone (Apple iOS) systems. For more details please consult the website www.lelyt4c.com.
On which devices can I use the tools?
The tools can be used on both smartphones and iPods.
Can I use my own phone?
This is possible as long as the phone meets the minimum requirements. You can find the minimum requirements here.
Can I work with the tools without an Internet connection?
No. An Internet connection is needed at all times.
How can I check if my T4C PC's Internet connection is sufficient?
You can check the speed of your Internet connection via the speed checker on the T4C InHerd website (www.lelyt4c.com).
Are there any requirements for my Internet connection?
Yes. A professional infrastructure (Wi-Fi network) is advised. There is a minimum upload and download speed defined for both the T4C server and the smartphone. For more details please consult the website www.lelyt4c.com.
Can I use the 3G / 4G network?
Yes. This is possible, but we advise you to use the (more stable) Wi-Fi network.
How can you check whether your Wi-Fi signal is sufficient?
The Lely technicians have the tools for checking this.


Where is my T4C InHerd data saved?
When using the tools there is always a connection with T4C. The data entered in InHerd is saved directly in T4C. The customer is responsible for a correct backup of his / her T4C data.
Why am I advised to change my T4C login credentials before I start using T4C InHerd?
Most customers use the standard (T4C) login credentials (admin / admin). It is better to change these so that 'strangers' cannot login. This will increase security.
Do I lose my settings / data if I lose my smartphone?
No. All data / settings are continuously synchronised with your T4C Desktop. As soon as you scan the QR code again with a new mobile device via T4C Desktop, you gain access to your customised settings and the latest data is shown.


What do the colours green, orange and grey mean in the Today tool?
Grey (empty): no tasks for any location are assigned to workers. Partly orange: for one or more locations the task is assigned but not finished (yet). Partly orange, partly green: for some locations the task is assigned but not finished (yet). For some other locations the task was assigned and is finished. Fully green: the task is finished for all locations. Learn more about the Today Task management in Your Guide (in T4C).
Can I create my own customised task?
Yes, this is possible; tasks can be customised via 'Task management' (Today). Learn more about the Today Task management in Your Guide (in T4C).
Can I check cow information directly from the Collect Cows task?
Yes. If you open the 'Collect Cows' task you can swipe the animal number to the right. The Cow icon appears; click on it and you will be guided directly to the Cow Info.
If a task is not done during the morning shift, will it appear automatically on the afternoon shift?
No. The task should be marked as 'done' during the actual shift. If this is not the case, check the previous shift for tasks which are not marked 'done'.
Can I enter an action (e.g. a calving) directly from the Calving task?
Yes. If you open the 'Calving' task and click on the Cow number, the Calving entry page is opened directly.
After scanning the QR code I added a location on my T4C Desktop, but I do not see the location on my InHerd Today task.
This is correct. First the locations need to be added per task via the Today Task Management. Learn more about Locations on the InHerd page in Your Guide (in T4C).
My Collect cows task is not showing the same animals as my Collect cows report in T4C.
This is only applicable when the 'Collect cows' task in InHerd is not opened at the same time as the report in T4C. No new animals will be added to this task once it is opened.


How will the T4C InHerd tools be updated?
Updates will be done automatically, as with T4C Desktop.


Do I need to close one tool in order to open another tool?
No. You can have different InHerd tools open at the same time. Other tools can be opened by using the 'Menu' icon.